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Wolseley 6/110 


This car was certified by a « Britisch Production Record Trace Certificate » with nr 97/7308  in 1997

Also all original UK tax stickers  and documentation are available

Car was exported to Belgium in 1997

It comes with a pile of original documents , bills , repairs + maintenance invoices and many letters of the previous owners from the UK and Belgium !

Colored Photo’s of the major restauration  in 1999 : including needed body work plus a new gearbox and refurbished torque converter

The cars has also new shockabsorbers in the rear , two refurbished carburettors , new airfilters, new electrical gasoline pump, a recently refurbished mastercylinder brake pump, new brake pads in the front , new heavy battery , new ignition components plus new sealed beam headlights installed  for better nightview.


All carpetting/mats of the interior and trunck  have been rejuvenated or renewd in the original colour.


All the wood paneling is present ; only needs refinishing


The vehicle is well maintaned and in good mechanical condition : the engine will start at the first try !

Further the car comes with extensive official BMC documents ; advertisement  brochures/pamflets , owner drivers  manuals , complete spareparts lists , service and repair manuals ( several)

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