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Bought a classic from The Palmen Barnfind Collection?

Big news, of course. The Palmen Barnfind Collection consists of 220 very special classics, including several unique Lancias, of which only a few are left in the world.


Did you bid on a classic? Then let us arrange the shipment for you to any desired location in the world!

Also for maintenance and repair you've come to the right place. As far as possible, we only assemble original parts and we have addresses all over Europe for this.

Call Bjorn Flink: 
+31 6 53 38 48 06 

Shipment and transportation

With our own closed and secured car ambulance, we ensure safe and clean transport of your priceless classic vehicle. We calculate a fixed price per kilometer, which we indicate to you in advance. No surprises afterwards!  


Maintenance & repair

Autoretro has specialized in Italian, German and English classics for years. Do we perform your care service? Then we provide free transport to and from your location, with our closed and secured car ambulance. .    

Together we keep your classic in top condition!

Auto Retro always consults with you about all activities that we perform with and on your classic car. Nothing goes without you being aware of it. In this way we ensure that everything about your car is documented and preserved for the future. We know how to value and maintain your property!

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