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Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato
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Alfa Romeo 1.3 Junior Zagato (1970)

Bought by the owner in 1982 (+35 years of ownership since!). Drives perfectly with an overhauled 1750 cc engine. Body, engine, gearbox and trim in awesome and original condition.

The Alfa Romeo Junior Z was a limited production two-seater coupé with aerodynamic bodywork by Zagato of Milan. The kamm tail wedge-shaped body was designed by Ercole Spada at Zagato . [20] The Junior Z was introduced at the 51st Turin Motor Show in November 1969. [21] Unlike Zagato's earlier, race-oriented and aluminum-bodied Giulietta SZ which had a very active competition history, the Junior Z was not specifically intended for racing and did not see much use in competition. The Junior Z was bodied had a steel bodyshell with an aluminum bonnet and, on the earlier Junior Z, aluminum doorskins. The car was based on the floorpan, driveline and suspension of the Alfa Romeo Spider 1300 Junior . However the floorpan was shortened behind the rear wheels to fit the short rear overhang of the Zagato bodywork. The engine was the same 1,290 cc twin cam with two twin-choke carburettors of the GT 1300 Junior and Spider 1300 Junior. It produced 89 PS DIN (65 kW; 88 hp) or 103 PS SAE at 6,000 rpm, giving the car a top speed of 175 kilometers per hour (109 mph). [21] In the cabin driver and passenger were seated in highly bolstered bucket seats with incorporated headrests. Two large round instruments, tachometer and speedometer, faced the driver; three more auxiliary gauges were in the middle of the Zagato-designed dashboard. The steering wheel was the same two-spoke, plastic rimmed one of the other Junior models. In total 1,117 examples were built, of which 2 were destroyed during production because the bodyshells were not within specification. Production of the Junior Z continued through 1972, and was replaced by the 1.6-liter 1600 Junior Z at the end of the year; although according to the records two more 1.3-liter cars were completed in 1972.

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